Cleopatra was black

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Preferring to date a race isn’t racist! It’s like preferring a certain hair color or height


Let me break this down:

- Race is a social construct invented by Western Europeans to justify chattel slavery. Preferences aren’t biological or something you are born with, because race didn’t even exist until about 500 years ago.

-  Among PoC, there is no race/ethnic group/country where all the people have anything in common besides being from a certain part of the world. Among PoC, there is no race where every member has the same skin color, hair color, hair type, eye color, language, clothing, culture, etc. 

- The only race whose members all have something in common is white- all white people have to have light skin in order to be white. This rule was created by white people themselves, and is intentionally exclusive.

- Don’t even pretend that you don’t know there is a racial hierarchy in beauty. Everyone knows that in Western culture white women are seen as the most desirable, black women are seen as the least desirable, and everyone else is in the middle. Funny how these “innate” and “random” preferences seem to line up perfectly with white beauty standards/white supremacist ideals.

- No more false equivalencies. PoC not wanting to date white people is not the same as the reverse. PoC almost never believe that white people are unattractive/ugly, they just find it too difficult to meet a white person who is actively unlearning and working to dismantle white supremacy. 

- Stop trying to defend yourself. If you have racial or ethnic preferences, whether they are positive or negative, you are the problem, stop blaming it on everyone else. You have to acknowledge and unlearn whatever stereotype you’ve absorbed. 

Like a previous post I made, this post is also not a place to try to debate whether racial preferences are bad or not. I’ve made my statement based on pretty obvious facts about Western culture and white supremacy. If you don’t agree, move on.
However, feel free to share your experiences with this (either involving you or someone else). 

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Black female Anime characters

1. Michiko from Michiko to Hatchin

2. Atsuko from Michiko to Hatchin

3. Yoruichi from Bleach

4. Franceska from Bleach

5. Miyuki from Basquash!

6. Coffee from Cowboy Bebop

7. Aisha from Outlaw Star

8. April from Darker than Black

9. Nadia from Nadia:  The Secret of Blue Water

10. Canary from Hunter X Hunter

Claudia Grant - Robotech/Macross

<3 Claudia and Michiko and Atsuko

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never ask white people what their ethnicity is unless you wanna hear a list of every european country and meaningless fractions

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the fact that a girl being a feminist is a turn off to a lot of guys is just further proof that sexism exists they’re literally saying they don’t want a girl who requires respect because that’s just no fun 

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Anonymous asked: Iggy has more than three good songs, you just listen to everything that's overplayed. its not white privilege, its about time there's a girl who doesn't rap about sex and drugs all the time. songs are supposed to relate o the listener, and the majority of people really don't relate to Nicki Minaj. don't get me wrong I love her music, but do your research before you talk shit




yall let her get away with bindis and saris and kimonos and then act surprised when she’s smoothing down her bangs for baby hair and eating watermelon? Once a racist always a racist they come for one expect them to come for all

Exactly she knows whats she’s doing gelling down them baby hairs and eating that watermelon in her new music video.

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Nicki Minaj


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  • Appropriation and sexualization of kimono in video “Your Love


  • and again for a photoshoot